There are so many more advantages in having an engagement session but here is probably the main 5 reasons as to why you should have an engagement session.

Increasingly, couples are choosing to have an engagement shoot. Partly to get to know their photographer and for me to get to know them. It prepares themselves for all the attention of the big day. But above all because I ensure they will have whole load of fun.

Every couple is different and it’s our responsibility to get to know you and your fiancé as much as possible. Have you ever been put in an awkward situation by someone else and you felt like there was no way out? Me too. That’s primarily why we get to know YOU, your likes & dislikes and what you expect from us for your engagement session.

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Having a pre-wedding/engagement session also gives you the opportunity to escape from all the wedding planing craziness.  You thought you only had a dozen friends but looking at your list it seems like you invited the WHOLE world right?. It’s stressful so how about we take some time off just you two and go exploring together?. You will be amazed by how at ease you will feel with us. Not long into your session and you’ll add professional modelling to your resumé.

Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Dublin engagement session Dublin engagement session All of the photos you will see here are real couples whose weddings I have or will photograph. Real couples who had the same fears as you. Real couples who weren’t too sure about doing the session. But do you know the one thing they all have in common?. Each one said how much fun they had. But also how much more relaxed they felt on their wedding day.

Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Your engagement session can take on any form you want, remember that kiss in the rain scene from the NoteBook?. I know you always wanted to recreate it, so lets do it!. Lets go hiking in that cool spot you never seem to find time to go. Or enjoy a glass of your favourite wine in the comfort of your home. Be creative and take this opportunity to go somewhere you always wanted and you might not be able to on your wedding day.

Dublin engagement session

Tips on what to wear for your engagement/

pre-wedding session.

The most important thing to consider when choosing your outfits for your engagement session is if it’s compatible with the feel of the session, season, time of day and scenery. For example if you’re going hiking maybe a stiletto wouldn’t be the best choice. If you’re having a winter session bright pink colours are not the best choice.

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Big Logos and writing doesn’t look great in photos and takes all the attention away from you. It’s always best if you don’t know what to wear or bring to ask your photographer, he/she should be able to help.

Another great tip is to colour coordinate with your partner, I don’t mean to be overly “matchy” but have similar colours implemented in each other looks. The best way to do this is to choose a colour palette and choose items that are complimentary to one another.  For example if you’re doing a winter session and you’re wearing a mustard  dress, have your partner wear a mustard scarf.

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Accessorising is a great way to bring interest to your outfit, but try not to wear too many accessories or anything that steals the attention from you.

Also it’s a great idea to get your nails done prior to the session, I’m sure you want your diamond ring to look its best right?. It’s also important to get your hair and makeup done by a professional if you’re not an expert. This is a great opportunity to get your hair and makeup trial done. Also try not to apply fake tan the night before, let it fade away a little.

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Your photographer will suggest to have your session either at sun rise or sun set. No, we’re not crazy, 2pm sun is really unflattering and I’m sure you don’t want raccoon eyes in every shot, am I right?. Golden hour as we call it is very soft, creating beautiful skin tones. It also makes everything around sparkle, this is why it’s ideal. If you want beautiful photos to hang on your walls either wake up early or start later on in the day.

Ashford castle proposal Ireland Ashford castle proposal Ireland Ashford castle proposal Ireland It’s a great idea to bring props to your session, anything that is personal to your or serves a purpose only adds more interest to your photos. For example bringing a cool blanket to an autumn/winter session is a great idea, it looks awesome, brings you closer together and keeps you warm.

Want more inspiration for your outfit? Be sure to check out our Pre-wedding Session Wardrobe Board!

Check out some of our couples engagement session galleries and slideshows created for their wedding day

Above all be yourselves and HAVE FUN!!! no matter the weather.

Ashford castle proposal Ireland Dublin engagement session Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Dublin proposal session Dublin engagement session


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