cloughjordan house wedding

12 Month Wedding Planning Timeline

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cloughjordan house wedding

You’re engaged!…. Congratulations, Now what?

When you’re not as excited telling the proposal story for the 100th time as you were the first 20, settling down to actually plan your wedding can be a bit scary. But, like any big job, it’s a lot less scary when broken down into smaller parts. Our 12 month wedding planning timeline will help with just that. Before you know it that overwhelming to do list will seem totally achievable and you’ll enjoy planning your wedding together more and more.

I won’t lie, there will be parts you like doing more than others, but just like homework, if you start with the hard bits, the rest is easy. I designed this 12 month wedding timeline PDF with ordinary engaged couples in mind. Couples who are doing it themselves and don’t know where to start.

The first thing you need to do, is boil the kettle and make 2 cups of tea, sit down together and discuss what you both want this wedding to be. Do you want a large or intimate wedding? Determine your priorities, what parts mean the most to both of you? take into account what each other considers a priority. Also, talk about sacrifices and be open to not getting everything you want the way you want it. It’s easy to let wedding planning snowball and out a stress in a brand new and exciting adventure.

Talking and being open to new ideas is key to planning your wedding while also having fun. Wedding planning is supposed to bring you closer together as a couple, it’s supposed to be fun and the first big project you take on together since the “Yes”. If it’s starting to stress you out, take some time off, it’s important to have no wedding related chat days.

Share your wildest dreams and chat about all the things you’ve always wished for your wedding. After that, it’s time to buckle up…

Happy Planning….

PS. I’m always here to help, so, if there are any questions you have please let me know, I’ve done this many times.

*Bonus Tip: If you are thinking of hiring both wedding photography and videography, I can’t recommend booking a company that does both enough. There are so many advantages to this, but the main one is the experience the company has with working together and not stepping on each other’s toes. Trust me, it happens. Check out Dan’s work here Hearts of Gold Wedding Films.

Destination Wedding in Cabo San Lucas – Mexico

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B&M's destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico was incredible. We met the most awesome people and the craziest party we have ever been to. When Manuèl & Barbara asked us to come to Cabo to photography & film their awesome 3-day wedding we jumped on the plane, no questions asked.

We first met Manuèl & Barbara when Manuèl took her on a Europe tour stopping for a surprise proposal in Ireland. They absolutely loved their engagement shoot and invited us to photograph and film their destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas. We just had to go and you’ll see why.

We chatted about all their plans and I loved every thing, Barbara picked every detail and nothing was overlooked.


“When you fall in love, it is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake, and then it subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots are to become so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is."

We had the pleasure to meet and work with the best suppliers:

Wedding Planner: Lucie from Eventi

Hair & Makeup: Isabellina Perches

Flowers: La Florería la orquídea

Venue: Guaycura Hotel

Cake: Elisa Marqueda

DJ: Gama Reyes

A summer wedding at Boyne Hill House

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When you dream of an outside ceremony, you imagine chairs arranged in rows, blue skies and warm sunshine right?. Well, that’s exactly what Sile & Cian got for their summer wedding at Boyne Hill House, that & a whole lot more.

Sile & Cian chose to have their wedding at Boyne Hill House not only because it’s such an amazing venue but it was also very important for Sile to have her humanist ceremony in the secret garden at Boyne Hill House. It wasn’t until I saw it that I realized what all the fuss was about. This place is unbelievable!!!. Sile had purples and blues as her colour palette and the wildflowers she picked complemented the whole outside wedding feeling.

When I asked Sile what was the most important thing for her she said, “having our daughter be our flower girl is a dream come true”, she looked so sweet in her tiny white dress and flower crown, she completely stole the show.

Being a daddy’s girl the first look with her Dad was a must, it’s such a nice thing to do. I’m always teary.

How awesome are the flower arrangements done by Moira? she’s incredible, I love the wild & delicate look of these flowers. White, purple and blue, you can’t go wrong.

How sweet does Annabelle look?, she went up the aisle all by herself, such a big girl!

Annabelle also took on the role of maid of honor and was constantly fixing her mummy’s dress!

I love when our couples let our their fun and quirky side, it gets me the best photos, Sile & Cian certainly didn’t disappoint.